Hi, I’m Magnus, nice to meet you.

My passion is Corporate & Digital Communications in international companies

💡A brand’s reputation is paramount to its success. A reputation built on trust and transparency is essential for long-term success. With experience in Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing in different industries and cultural settings, I try to look beyond tactical messaging, delivering meaningful results for leading global brands.

🇪🇺 My roots as well as international work experience define my belief in the power of diversity and sustainability. My passion for bringing together and leading international teams to achieve a common goal is fueled by my insatiable curiosity. I am constantly learning and seeking to understand how things work so that we can communicate complex ideas in simple, understandable language.

🌎 In my role at TUI, I am a member of the TUI Musement Executive Committee, part of the global Communications Leadership Team and a director of international communications teams at TUI. In current and former roles I have overseen team members located in countries like Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, and Germany. My work has been awarded by the Digital Communications Award, Sustainable Brand Index, Deutscher Digital Award, Handelsblatt, Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation and more.

🗣️ As a board member of the German Association of Communicators and a jury member in several international awards as well as a lecturer at private and public universities, I engage in developing and promoting the communications profession and to share my knowledge.

🤝 Proud of my extensive international network in media, social media, communications, and marketing, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Münster.

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