Magnus Hüttenberend

Corporate & Digital Communications at TUI
Connecting brand, leadership and people to shape a lasting reputation 

I believe brands are only as powerful as their reputation. Building trust and transparency is key to long-term success.

My background is in Corporate Communications as well as Digital Marketing – a combination which can deliver meaningful results surpassing short-term tactical messaging. I was able to proof my approach with leading global brands like Amazon, TUI, Nintendo and Vodafone.

As a German living in Stockholm, leading a team in five countries, my roots are deeply European, based on diversity and sustainability. I love bringing together international teams to follow a common goal. Curiosity defines my workday. I can’t stop learning and understand how things work, only to summarise it in simple, understandable words.

I have an extensive international network in media, communications and marketing as well as a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Münster. 

Next to my work at TUI, I am supporting the executive board of Germany’s largest communications association BdKom and teach digital communications as well as content marketing at Deutsche Presseakademie and Quadriga Hochschule in Berlin.

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